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Back to Winter with cold weather and dark nights.

Photo: Back to Winter with cold weather and dark nights.

Name: Grace King
Home: Winchester, Hampshire, U.K.
Age: A Lady should never tell her Age
Birthday: 19 July (Cancer)
Eyes: Brown / Green
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 140 lbs
Measurements: 38B-29-36, Size 14.

Tastes: Music, clubbing, disco dancing, good restaurants / pubs, meeting others as Grace and loves photo-sessions.

E-mail: grace@graceREMOVEkingtv.com.
Delete "REMOVE" for correct mailing address.

Welcome. Hi and welcome to my domain. I'm Grace and I live in the South of Great Britain. I'm self employed with a zest for life and interests in music, dancing, photography, motor racing and, of course, being a T-Girl. The transgender scene has always fascinated me but until about twenty five years ago I only dressed as a woman for club drag nights and amateur dramatics. Those times are remembered as being something very special. Now, I dress as often as possible and love going out for walks or drives, to clubs, restaurants and pubs and to meet other girls. I just love the high life, especially in Las Vegas which is now my second home. I like photo sessions with other t-girls and real girls, either as a model or taking the photos of others.

This site, in various forms, has been running since early 2000 and shows part of my extensive wardrobe. It has always been my intention to dress fashionably with style and elegance but with a hint of sexiness as befitting a real lady so I hope you like the results. I hope you'll be a regular visitor and pass on the URL to your friends. Thanks and I'll look forward to hearing from you sometime.

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